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Our Favorite Kombucha Flavors

How Do We Get So Much Flavor in Our Kombucha?

We have a confession to make: we don’t flavor our kombuchas like everyone else. We don’t add juices or extra sweeteners, even though our kombuchas are full of flavor. In fact, the entire Brew Dr. Kombucha brewing process is rather unique – on purpose.

All kombuchas begin as sweet tea. Nothing too different about that, right? Not exactly. Like we said, we do things differently than most other kombucha manufacturers. Our tea is special. It isn’t your average black or green tea. You see, we didn’t start with Brew Dr. Kombucha. Our company began in 2006 as a specialty tea company called Townshend’s Tea Company. We opened up the northeast’s most favorite tea houses, serving expertly-crafted teas that we source from the world’s greatest tea farmers. These are the same tea leaves we use in our kombuchas and it’s one of the biggest reasons why our kombuchas taste so incredible.

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Our unlimited access to these amazing teas means we can brew our kombucha with a variety of organic tea leaves, such as Sencha green tea, jasmine green tea, oolong tea and white tea. From the very beginning of the brewing process, our kombucha tastes better because our teas taste better. But, we don’t stop there.

Many kombuchas are made by adding fruit juices, juice concentrates, flavorings and other ingredients after the fermentation process. In essence, these manufacturers brew and ferment their basic teas and then add their flavorings, many of which are far from natural. Not here. Not us.

We brew our teas with whole fruits and botanicals first. That means our special tea leaves brew in water, organic cane sugar and organic ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, rosemary, dried strawberries and other good stuff. Once we make our tea, the base for the kombucha, we ferment it. Then, we’re done. Nothing more added. What goes in is what comes out and it’s better than anything else you’ll try. The only thing we remove from our kombuchas is the excess alcohol that is produced during fermentation. We do this gently so as not to lose any of the naturally-occuring live and active cultures that form during the fermentation process.

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The fermentation process is a little complicated, but it results in the slightly fizzy, slightly sweet, slightly tangy kombucha our fans know and love. Did we mention we never add artificial ingredients, sweeteners or juices? The many flavors of Brew Dr. Kombucha are as natural as you can get.

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How to Choose The Best Kombucha Flavors

Your mouth is probably watering by now so we’ll help you out by guiding you on which Brew Dr. kombuchas you may want to try first. Every one of our flavors is unique and fan favorites, so try them all!

Clear Mind

We describe this one as “bright and invigorating,” but some of our customers tell us they just feel lighter after drinking it. We brew our organic green tea with organic rosemary, organic peppermint, organic sage and organic dandelion root. Clear Mind is great any time of year, especially when you feel like you need to take a breath (or two) and just be.


Our Love kombucha isn’t really fair to the rest of our brews. Who wouldn’t want to try a kombucha called “Love”? Just like you might imagine, this kombucha is soft and gentle on the palette and perfect during warmer months. We start with our amazing organic jasmine green tea and then brew it with organic lavender, organic chamomile, organic damiana and organic rose. It really is like a beautiful flower garden in a bottle. The only thing better than receiving love is giving it! That’s why we donate 1% of the revenue from every bottle of our Love kombucha to non-profits dedicated to bettering our planet.

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Mint Lemonade

This one doesn’t need much explaining because who doesn’t love lemonade? You may think you know lemonade, but our Mint Lemonade takes lemonade to another level. Ours begins with sencha green tea, organic lemon, organic guayusa, organic lemongrass, organic verbena, organic lemon balm, organic lemon thyme and organic peppermint and spearmint. It’s light, refreshing, citrusy and delicious when you need a cool drink on a hot summer day.

Ginger Turmeric

According to Livestrong, “Ginger and turmeric are two powerful spices that have been used widely throughout history for both culinary and medical purposes.” While these ingredients are believed by some to fight cancer, reduce inflammation and ease stomach problems, we just think they taste amazing together, especially when combined with our organic black tea and organic yerba mate. The result is a zesty but smooth kombucha, perfect any time of day.

Strawberry Basil

Summer means strawberries and herb gardens, so we bottled it! Our Strawberry Basil kombucha combines sencha green tea with organic dried strawberries, organic basil and holy basil, and organic hibiscus. It’s the perfect beverage while relaxing by a pool or at a picnic. If you’re in the mood for an “adult” beverage, try adding a shot of your favorite vodka for something special!


Love summer berries? So do we! They’re sweet and tart at the same time, providing a kick of antioxidants and vitamins to boot. We blend our oolong tea with organic ingredients, like elderberries, currants, hibiscus, blueberries, goji berries, strawberries and raspberries. It doesn’t get any more “berry” than this! Enjoy Superberry straight from the bottle or can, or in a smoothie you won’t soon forget.

Uplift Caffeinated

We all have days when we need a boost and we crafted our Uplift Caffeinated kombucha just for those days! With 130mg of natural caffeine in every bottle, this new blend is the perfect probiotic pick-me-up. Featuring a heavy hit of yerba mate, guayusa and green tea, this new blend is slightly sweet, super smooth and always uplifting.


We don’t know about you, but roses just make us happy. That’s what gave us the inspiration for our Happiness kombucha. It’s simple, soft and floral, just like drinking a dozen pink roses out of a bottle. Delicate white tea is a perfect partner for the elegant rose, allowing the floral flavor profile to really shine. Try Happiness in the spring or summer and tell us it doesn’t make you smile!

Spiced Apple

When the first leaves fall and the temperatures head south, that’s when Brew Dr. Spiced Apple Kombucha hits the spot. Just like a warm apple pie, our Spiced Apple kombucha screams, “Fall is here!” We combine our organic black tea with other organic ingredients, like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and dried apple. See? We told you it was just like an apple pie – just without all of the sugar and fat! If you’re craving a guilt-free treat while you sit by the campfire, Spiced Apple is the one to grab. Add a little rum if you’re feeling spicy!

Citrus Hops

When you combine organic white tea, organic hops, organic dried oranges and organic coriander, great things are bound to happen. Our Citrus Hops kombucha is light, refreshing and just the right amount of zing. Pack a cooler of this kombucha and head to your favorite hangout. You and your friends will get all the flavor of a summer beer without any of the downsides.

Lemon Ginger Cayenne

Ready to take your kombucha up a notch? Our Lemon Ginger Cayenne is perfect when you’re wanting to spice things up a bit. We brew our organic green tea with organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic cayenne pepper and organic lemon balm. We love this unique kombucha on a cold winter or fall day. It’s also fantastic used in salad dressing recipes. Your salad will never be the same!


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