Brew Dr. Partners with Mudbone Grown

The tagline for Brew Dr.’s new Uplift Yerba Mate is “Uplift Yourself. Uplift Your World.” But it’s more than just a catchy marketing phrase. Since the summer of 2020, Brew Dr. has been donating 1% of all Uplift revenue to BIPOC social justice organizations.

The two organizations that funds are going to in 2021 are Mudbone Grown and Black Futures Farm. (We started donating to Mudbone Grown in the last few months of 2020 and have been so impressed by their work that we decided to continue the partnership for the full year of 2021.)

Mudbone Grown is a Black-owned farm enterprise that promotes intergenerational community-based farming that creates measurable and sustainable environmental, social, cultural, and economic impacts in communities. unities.

This year, the funds being donated to Mudbone Grown are specifically going towards a new project called CROPS. This project is a three-acre site in Troutdale, Oregon being prepared for Black and African farmers to grow for their communities and still be close to home.

The anticipated outcome for 2021 through CROPS include:

This new community farm is a partnership with Multnomah County REACH department and The Office of Sustainability. 

Phase one of breaking ground will be cleaning up,site design, building the infrastructure for multiple farm users such as wash and pack station, cooler,greenhouse,outbuilding, putting in irrigation system, soil management and much more. Phase two will look like having a groundbreaking ceremony with the community and starting the recruitment of resident farmers. 

The farm will provide CSA’s, education, and green space for youth and families. It is Mudbone's plan to share this resource to also offer community workshops, tours, and field trips to the larger black community and have space where other farmers are able to incubate and actualize their agricultural dreams.  

Currently, 6% of Agricultural producers in Oregon are BIPOC. Just 64 out of 65,364 are Black farmers - we want to see those numbers drastically increase with community support.

If you would personally support the work of Mudbone Grown, you can make donations to the organization here. Next time you’re enjoying a tasty can of Uplift Yerba Mate, be inspired by the way Mudbone Grown is uplifting the community!

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