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A tasty fizzy tea with
gut friendly benefits

Brew Dr. Crisp Apple Kombucha Bottle

Fizzy iced tea with
gut-friendly benefits

Real, organic ingredientsRaw & probioticEasy-drinking & refreshingNo artificial sweeteners
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At Brew Dr. we focus on crafting the most delicious and easy-drinking kombucha so that you can enjoy every deeply refreshing sip.

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Tasty Time!The Good Stuff
Drinking high-quality kombucha has a number of benefits. Kombucha is:
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Good for gut health
which is important 
to overall health and 
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A soda alternative
that’s lower-sugar and better for you
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Non-alcoholic —

a delicious beverage for anyone to enjoy
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A nutritional powerhouse
that’s a natural source of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes
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“What flavor should we make next?”

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“Brew Dr. just gives you that ooo.”

-Megan from Iowa

Five stars

"It's a tasty, healthy alternative to any other beverage and you're missing out if you don't try it."

–Kourtney from California

Five stars
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Certified Kosher
Certified Gluten Free
Non GMO Project Verified
USDA Organic
Certified B Corporation
Carbon Neutral Operations
Raw & Probiotic
Certified Kosher
Non Alcoholic
Certified Gluten Free
Non GMO Project Verified
USDA OrganicCertified B CorporationCarbon Neutral OperationsRaw & ProbioticCertified KosherNon AlcoholicCertified Gluten FreeNon GMO Project Verified