Issues We Focus On: Youth Development and Public Education

We have decades of work left to do to bring the change we wish to seek in our communities. We’re doing all we can to usher in the next generation of environmentalists and activists.

Ecology in the Classroom and Outdoors 

Ecology in the Classroom and Outdoors (ECO) is widely recognized for its role in introducing equitable access to nature for children across socioeconomic brackets. We’re proud to support their effort in building a generation with a reverence for our public lands and naturescapes.  

“I see students taking more ownership of their environment after ECO lessons. Students begin thinking of our community, our ecosystem, and our planet differently. They begin asking deeper questions and express a deeper understanding of how humans have a responsibility to care for our environment.

— ECO supported elementary school teacher

Clean Energy Bright Futures

Clean Energy Bright Futures is a national nonprofit focused on creating after-school programs integrating clean energy engineering into existing science curriculum. To usher in a clean energy revolution, we’ll need the next generation innovating beyond our current infrastructure.

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