A Guide to Adding Fruit Juice to Kombucha

Looking to add some flavor to your Kombucha? Learn how to safely add fruit juice to your fermented tea and create delicious, fizzy flavor combinations.

Kombucha is a great choice as a thirst quencher on its own, but what if you could add even more good stuff into the mix? In this case, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing and adding fruit and other ingredients to your favorite raw, natural kombucha is always a great idea.

The good news is that adding fruit juice to kombucha is not only possible but also a delicious way to take your kombucha to the next level. Fruity kombucha is a great option for parties or brunch. Or you could enjoy it at a backyard barbecue or to keep you cool at the beach. In fact, there’s no time we can think of when kombucha and fruit juice wouldn’t be a delicious thirst quencher!

Here’s what you need to know about adding fruit juice to your favorite fermented beverage.

Commercial Brewers Adding Fruit Juice to Kombucha

The first thing you need to know about adding fruit juice to kombucha is that there are some companies that are doing it for you!

Several natural kombucha brewers also offer pre-blended kombucha products with fruit juice and other flavorings. So if you’re just looking for something that’s easy and delicious, make sure you stock up!

However, sometimes, the options that are on the market are not the kind of thing you’re looking for. In this case, let your imagination run wild and let’s look at how and when you can add fruit juice to kombucha yourself.

Combining Flavors

 The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to stick to just one flavor. Think about the juices you love. Chances are there’s a carrot, orange and turmeric on the list somewhere, or raspberry lemonade. Mixing fruits and other flavorings is a great way to create a concoction that is unique and special.

Here are a few ideas you can use when combining fruit flavors with your kombucha:

  • Consider the types of food you’re serving the drink with – an Indian style feast cries out for mango, while a backyard barbecue might benefit from apple or pineapple juice
  • Think about fruits that you love to have together in smoothies or other drinks – coconut and pineapple, for instance, or strawberry and banana
  • If you can’t find organic or freshly squeezed juices at your supermarket or grocery store, consider doing your own juicing – naturally brewed, raw kombucha is such a fantastic product it’s a shame to mix it with something that’s full of chemicals!
  • Find out what fruits your guests like if you’re serving your kombucha and juice mix at an event – or provide a few different options to make a kombucha bar!

There’s nothing wrong with adding one fruit juice to your kombucha if that’s what you love. But when you create a blend of flavors, you can take the whole drink to a completely different level.

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Consider Other Kinds of Juices

When most people think of juices, we think of fruit juice, but that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to fruit.

Many vegetables make great juices too. The carrots we mentioned before would work well when adding fruit juice to kombucha, paired with orange juice. Or you could try beet juice with something sweet like strawberry or watermelon.

Vegetables have different kinds of vitamins and nutrients than fruit, so combining a vegetable juice, a fruit juice and your favorite raw, naturally brewed kombucha is the perfect combination of tasty, healthy beverages.

Mix Something In

Of course, adding fruit juice to kombucha is probably not something you would do every day (although if you do, that’s perfectly fine too!) But it’s a great special occasion beverage.

Special occasions deserve special garnishes, too, so why not add a few extra mix-ins that take your kombucha and fruit juice blend up a notch?

You could add floating, edible flowers to a bowl of kombucha and fruit punch or freeze chunks of fruit to use instead of ice blocks in a fruity kombucha mix.

Fresh cucumber slices work really well with fresh juices or even a lemonade and kombucha mix.

Think about interesting fruits, vegetables and other mix-ins that you can add to your drinks to make them look and taste extra special.

Spice It Up!

Of course, we all know by now that fruit and spices go really well together. There’s nothing that can transport you to a tropical island in your mind faster than the smell of vanilla or cinnamon.

So why not add some to your kombucha and fruit juice blend?

A little ginger or turmeric added to your juice will give it a warm flavor, or try adding some cinnamon to apple juice for a drink that tastes like apple pie.

Borrow from your favorite mulled wine recipe, and steep some spices and citrus slices in juice, cool completely, and then strain into your kombucha.

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Add a Little Sweetness

Most naturally brewed kombucha is not exactly what you call sweet, and there are plenty of juices that fall more on the tart side of the spectrum too.

This means that if you’re adding fruit juice to kombucha, you might feel like adding something to sweeten it up. Don’t ruin an otherwise healthy beverage by using white sugar!

Instead, choose a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup or a low-calorie option like stevia. They’ll add the sweetness you want without all the processing and chemicals from refined sugar products.

What Is the Ideal Kombucha to Juice Ratio?

The truth is, there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to adding fruit juice to kombucha. You want to be able to taste both of them, though, so it’s usually best to start with a one-to-one ratio and taste as you go.

Some juices have stronger tastes, while others are milder, so you might need to spend some time playing with the juice to kombucha proportions to find the perfect blend for your own tastes.

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A Great Choice for Kids and People Who Are New to Kombucha

Kombucha has a very distinctive flavor that is well-loved, but may seem a little strong for some people the first time they try it. Adding a little fruit juice and a few of the other options we’ve mentioned here can make an excellent kombucha blend that can be thoroughly enjoyed while  getting used to the flavor of raw, natural, gut healthy kombucha.

Beware of the Melting Ice!

 If you do choose to add ice when adding fruit juice to kombucha, remember that it will melt and water down the drink. You might end up with undesired results. Instead, keep your fruit juices and kombucha in an ice bucket or the fridge, and don’t add ice blocks until you’re ready to serve them.

Alternatively, you could create a kombucha slushie by whizzing frozen fruit with juice and blending that into kombucha for a delicious frozen treat.

Don’t Forget the Glass

Adding fruit juice to kombucha, along with the other mix-ins and garnishes we’ve mentioned here, really turns it into a festive beverage. So if you are serving it at a party or a get-together, don’t forget to dress up your glasses too.

Anything from a simple slice of orange on the rim of the glass to serving your drinks in hollowed-out pineapples can elevate the whole drink and make it something really special. Or cook up some fruit syrup and swirl it around the inside of the glass before you fill it up with your kombucha and fruit juice mixture.

Or use rainbow sugar to rim your glass for a bright, multicolored decoration – tiny paper umbrellas are optional!

Mixing your own kombucha mocktails with fruit and vegetable juices, spices, and other ingredients is a lot of fun, so why not make your glass match the mood?

A Match Made In Heaven

Here at Brew Dr., we love the flavor of natural, raw kombucha, but we also love the idea of adding fruit juice and other flavorings to kombucha. So much so that we offer a few ready-made blends ourselves, like our delicious Island Mango brew. But we also love to have our customers get creative and have fun with Brew Dr. kombucha.So feel free to browse our site for ideas and inspiration, and then let your own tastes and favorites take you to new and exciting places!

If you do, why not post a picture of your fruit juice and kombucha concoction on social media and tag us in it! We love to hear more about how our customers use our products, and we’d love to see your fruity kombucha recipes.

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