Issues We Focus On: Kombucha Labeling Integrity

Not all kombuchas on the market are created the same, we’re working with our industry partners to ensure when you buy kombucha, you’re getting the real stuff.

Let’s define kombucha, together 

Kombucha is a centuries-old beverage. It is made through the fermentation of tea with cultures of bacteria and yeast. The finished liquid is slightly sweet, slightly sour, and packed with naturally-occurring organic acids, probiotics, and live and active cultures.

How we are working to protect our mother culture

There’s still a lot of ambiguity about what can be classified as “kombucha.” We’re working hard with a coalition of kombucha brewers to ensure when you buy kombucha, you’re buying a beverage of integrity and not the fake stuff. 

KBI (Kombucha Brewers International), the trade organization of kombucha manufacturers, assembled a task force of kombucha companies to help craft verbiage we’ll submit to the FDA as the standard of identity for kombucha. We’re working to ensure when you buy kombucha, the 'booch you’re buying is made with a SCOBY, is a higher percentage of kombucha than juice, and is non-pasteurized and raw. We hope the work we’re doing now has a lasting impact on the integrity of our growing industry.

Toast to transparency! 

Our kombucha is raw. When you leave it out at room temperature you’ll notice a SCOBY growing on the surface over a course of days. If you make kombucha at home, you can use our kombucha as your “starter” liquid. We remove the alcohol that is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process via a unique low-temperature distillation process. This protects the raw nature of the kombucha while making the kombucha legal and safe for consumption by people of all ages.

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