Otis the sloth holding his claws in a heart shape standing in front of a landscape made of Brew Dr. ingredients

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At Brew Dr. we’re on a mission to bring the magic of kombucha accessible to all, without compromise.

For direct press inquiries, please contact info@brewdrkombucha.com

Lineup of Brew Dr. Kombucha bottles

Our brand identity

For additional resources, please contact info@brewdrkombucha.com


Our wordmark is used in all off-pack brand communication materials. It is available in three versions: copper gradient, Brew Dr. teal, and off-white.

The gradient version should be used whenever possible. Always ensure there is sufficient contrast between the wordmark and the background.

Use the one-color variations when color reproduction is limited, or on busier backgrounds where the contrast between the copper and teal wordmark is insufficient.

Clear space must be used to ensure there is sufficient space between the wordmark and surrounding elements. The clear space is 2x the height of the ‘sparkle’ in Brew Dr. and is equal on all four sides, as shown.

Our brand colors are primarily grounded in teal and off-white, using a refreshing blue and metallic copper.

Our blue gradient is used as a background on our packaging and off-pack activations, giving the brand a transportive quality to our flavor landscapes.

Brew Dr. Teal

Pantone 3155 C

CMYK 100 38 42 21

RGB 0 98 113

HEX 006271

Brew Dr. Copper

Pantone 8941 C

CMYK 0 54 100 31

RGB 169 95 28


Brew Dr. Off-White

Pantone 9064 C

CMYK 0 0 8 0

RGB 255 253 239


Brew Dr. Blue

Pantone 318 C

CMYK 67 0 21 0

RGB 136 219 223


Orange Oasis landscape
Otis floating on a mint leaf

our mascot, otis sisgood

Having a sloth as our mascot feels right. It reminds us to slow down and appreciate our craft. Good tea and good kombucha take time and patience to make. We put Otis to use on our products to make people smile with creative wit and a relaxed approach to life.

product photography

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Clear Mind Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleClear Mind Brew Dr. Kombucha canSuperberry Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleSuperberry Brew Dr. Kombucha can
Island Mango Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleIsland Mango Brew Dr. Kombucha canStrawberry Fields Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleStrawberry Fields Brew Dr. Kombucha can
Pineapple Paradise Brew Dr. Kombucha bottlePineapple Paradise Brew Dr. Kombucha canLove Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleLove Brew Dr. Kombucha can
Special Edition Love Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleSpecial Edition Love Brew Dr. Kombucha canLemon Grove Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleLemon Grove Brew Dr. Kombucha can
Orange Oasis Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleBlackberry Trails Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleMountain Ginger Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleHappiness Brew Dr. Kombucha bottle
Limited Release Prickly Pear Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleLimited Release Snickerdoodle Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleFounder's Series Raspberry Lemonade Brew Dr. Kombucha bottleFounder's Series Vanilla Oak Brew Dr. Kombucha bottle

lifestyle photography

Click the thumbnails below to download a high-resolution PNG. Please contact info@brewdrkombucha.com for any other image formats.

Lemon Grove landscape