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Whether you sell Brew Dr. Kombucha and have a question, or you are wanting to become a retailer, we’ve got you covered. We make it easy to buy kombucha in bulk or get kombucha on tap.

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Wholesale quantities

At Brew Dr. Kombucha, we want you to have exactly what you need to sell our kombucha to your customers. Depending on your location and requirements, we can customize the type of product and quantity for you to resell. Currently, Brew Dr. Kombucha in bulk is sold and distributed in the US and Canada.


Looking for draft kombucha? We offer different sized kegs of Brew Dr. Kombucha in most of our flavors for bars and restaurants. Keg shells are charged a deposit from the distributor to the customer that can be refunded or rolled over when the keg shell is returned. Contact us directly for pricing.


If you are a reseller of our bottled kombuchas, you can purchase cases of canned or bottled kombucha by the pallet. In order to take advantage of wholesale pricing, there is a minimum quantity that must be purchased, depending on your location and type of business. Contact us directly for pricing.

Which Brew Dr. Kombucha should you buy in bulk?

Currently, we offer 12 varieties of Brew Dr. Kombucha, including a seasonal recipe. Every one of our kombuchas is amazing, if we say so ourselves. It can be hard to know which flavor to serve on draft or which flavors your customers may prefer to buy. Don’t worry. We’re here to help and can give you insight into which of our kombucha flavors are in most demand by the season.

How to store kombucha in bulk?

As you may know, kombucha is sensitive to temperature. No matter if kegged or bottled, always store kombucha in temperatures between 33° and 40° to retain the best quality and flavor.

Distributor Portal

Utilize our distributor portal to order merch, POS, and sales materials as needed. Items will be regularly updated and added to the site when available. Email your sales rep for access information.

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