Introducing Our New and Improved Bottles!

After years of working on the perfect bottle size and resealable cap, we’re so excited to share our new and improved Brew Dr. Kombucha bottles with you.

From a fully resealable cap to sustainably sourced materials to a hidden hello from our mascot, your favorite bottle of kombucha just got even better. 

Thoughtful Sourcing

While many glass bottles are made overseas, for the last two years we’ve made the decision to have our bottles crafted in the U.S. Our new bottles are no exception. The new design uses up to 20% recycled glass in production, a number we hope to increase in the coming years.

The new slimmer bottle design not only fits the hand (and cup holders) better, but thinner glass walls result in a reduced shipping weight of 700 pounds per truckload. Lighter truckloads equal lower carbon emissions, one of our top priorities as a B Corp

Brew Dr. Kombucha Tall Bottles

Twist On, Twist Off 

You asked, and we listened — our new caps are fully resealable! Now you can enjoy as much or as little Brew Dr. Kombucha as you like, then safely save the rest for later. 

Our chosen resealable cap is made of lightweight recyclable aluminum, so it weighs less than our previous caps. We use a non-PVC liner material, recognized as the safest option for use with bottled beverages, helping to limit exposure to toxins found in plastics.

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Not only is the new design a better option for the planet and great for grabbing on-the-go, but the inside of each cap features a fun surprise from our very own mascot, Otis the sloth. 

We think our new bottles will make drinking Brew Dr. Kombucha more fun and more functional. Find your favorite flavor near you today. Cheers!

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