Keep It in The Fridge

Wondering how to store kombucha? Kombucha is fermented, leading some people to believe it is inherently preserved and shelf-stable. While it is fermented, it is actually quite sensitive to temperature and needs constant refrigeration to maintain its flavor, quality and live cultures.

Kombucha, if it is raw and unpasteurized, contains live, beneficial bacteria colonies, similar to yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. For those bacteria to thrive, they need to a specific environment that isn’t too warm or too acidic. Just as you wouldn’t dream of storing yogurt in your pantry or garage, you should store kombucha with care.

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When kombucha isn’t kept refrigerated, several things happen. First, it will continue to ferment, creating more carbon dioxide and alcohol. Your once light and refreshing kombucha may explode when opened and have a strong vinegar taste. It will be ultra carbonated and highly acidic, killing off those beneficial bacteria and leaving you with a beverage that is anything but wonderful.

When you purchase kombucha from the grocery store, be sure to get it home and into your fridge as soon as possible. Treat it like a dairy, meat or seafood product. If your drive home is a long one, bring a cooler or insulated bag with you and place the kombucha in the bag with frozen items, if possible.

A Cooler Will Do

If you are taking your kombucha with you to the lake, beach, tailgate or picnic, for instance, don’t worry too much about the fermentation thing if you plan to drink it relatively soon. You can store your kombucha in an iced cooler, pour it over ice for long drives, or simply drink it while it’s still cool from your fridge. The goal is to keep it from getting to room temperature, particularly for an extended period of time.

At Brew Dr. Kombucha, we recognize many people love to bring their kombucha with them wherever they go. That’s why we designed innovative aluminum cans that are perfect for packing into coolers or chilled lunch bags. Our cans have a wide mouth opening for a perfectly smooth flow of our kombucha goodness.

Use It or Lose It

Your kombucha will last in the fridge for an extended period of time, but most of our customers can’t seem to store kombucha for very long. They drink it every chance they get and even use it in some of their favorite recipes. From smoothies and cocktails to dressings and baked goods, kombucha is the perfect secret ingredient that adds something special to any recipe.

Wondering what happens to kombucha if it’s heated in a baking recipe? Most baking recipes require only a small amount of kombucha. Vegan Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, for instance, call for only 1 ¼ teaspoon of Brew Dr. Kombucha Superberry. The live cultures of bacteria will not survive the baking process, but you will still taste the amazing flavor the kombucha imparts.

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