What’s The Difference Between Kombucha Brands?

So. Many. Brands.

You may be a tried and true kombucha lover with a favorite brand. You may have never tried kombucha and are curious about the different brand options. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. We get it. There are a lot of kombuchas out there. It’s no wonder Americans have joined the worldwide kombucha craze, developing quite a taste for the amazing beverage. The increased demand is driving the boom, so much so, the kombucha market is predicted to grow to $2.5 billion by 2022.

There are dozens of kombucha brands on the market and each has a unique flavor profile with varying ingredients. At several dollars a bottle, you want to choose right - so what’s the difference between kombucha brands?

Start with the tea

Start with The Tea

You may choose kombucha just for the fun flavors, but at the heart of every kombucha is tea. It’s the foundation and we believe that means the tea needs to be more than just basic; it needs to be exceptional. Ingredients matter, particularly when it’s the base of the recipe. If the tea isn’t fresh, organic, and hand-selected for its flavor from regions around the world, how good can your kombucha really be? It’s the difference between an average kombucha and one that stands out.

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At Brew Dr. Kombucha, we’re all about the tea. In fact, we were first created by a tea company, Brew Dr. Tea Company. It only made sense for one of the most reputable and loved tea companies to venture into the fermented tea business. What resulted was a kombucha made for those who appreciate not only quality tea but also superior kombucha made from that tea.

As some like to put it, “Brew Dr.’s kombuchas are definitely for people who enjoy artisanal tea drinks” and is frequently ranked at the top of the list of the best kombucha brands. Even while the taste and quality of our kombuchas are one in a million, that’s not the only reason so many people choose our brand.

Look at The Company

One of the biggest differences between kombucha brands is the company behind the brand.  Brew Dr. Kombucha is the first national kombucha company to become a Certified B Corporation. That’s a big deal. It means we do more than just talk about our values. We actually live them out. Being B Corp Certified means we’ve been thoroughly evaluated for our commitment to and practice of considering the impact of every decision we make on our shareholders and stakeholders, such as our employees, suppliers, community, customers and the environment. From our 100% renewable energy initiative to our repurposing 100% of our alcohol distillate into craft spirits (Townshend’s Distillery), we put our efforts where our mouth is.

We’re also part of the 1% for the Planet program, giving back 1% of the revenue of every bottle of our Love kombucha to vetted environmental causes. The international nonprofit organization members have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to sustain and improve our environment and those who live in it. So, whether you love our teas, our kombuchas or our spirits (or all three), you can feel good about what you’re drinking.

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We don’t do all of this to impress anyone. We do it to inspire everyone. Each person and company, large or small, can do their part to improve this world. We are proud that our brand is making a difference in the world.

Sure, all kombucha is fermented sweet tea, but there are more differences amongst brands than just the tea leaves used. Not all brands offer 100% raw kombucha that is full of naturally-occurring live and active cultures. If it’s not raw, it has been pasteurized, killing those cultures. Brands that do this then add probiotics back into their kombuchas, but they aren’t as numerous, diverse or naturally-occurring. Luckily for Brew Dr., our method of removing alcohol doesn’t kill any live and active cultures like others, so all of the goodness in our finished product is naturally occurring.

How is kombucha made

Consider How The Kombucha Is Made

Many kombuchas are not made with organic ingredients, either. With all of the tea leaves, botanicals and fruits in most kombuchas, we think it’s important to take extra steps to ensure there are no toxic pesticides and fertilizers in our brew. If organic matters to you, be sure the kombucha ingredients are all labeled as organic.

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