What Is Craft Brewed Kombucha?

You’ve heard of craft beer, craft cocktails and perhaps craft sodas, but have you ever heard of craft-brewed kombucha? Yes, it’s a thing - a really important thing.

So, what is craft-brewed kombucha? When the word “craft” is used to describe a brew method, it typically means the beverage was crafted by a small, independent company using traditional methods. This means the beverage was not brewed in a giant factory by a large corporation.

Smaller breweries may have a greater ability to be innovative, using unique ingredients, producing limited-edition flavors more easily, etc. It is “crafted” vs. manufactured.

What we don’t do is brew a big batch of plain tea and then flavor it as an afterthought. That’s not craft kombucha. And that’s not Brew Dr.

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What we do is select the freshest, most flavorful organic teas we purvey from our own expert global tea buyers. We then steep those leaves in small batches, along with organic botanicals and fruits to get a depth of flavor you can’t get using any other method. We then ferment the tea with specific bacteria and yeast the traditional way, ensuring the right brewing time and temperature for a perfect flavor every time.

Because we small-batch brew, we have more freedom to create delicious flavors, using unique ingredients that fit the season or our own whim. That means our customers can always expect their favorite flavors are at arm’s reach and that we’re always coming up with new, innovative flavors to keep things exciting all year round. You could say we never rest at trying to make the most enjoyable kombuchas!

What Inspires Us

At Brew Dr., we are inspired by many people and things, but our main focus is on four elements:


We are tea people at the core. Plain and simple. We began as a tea company, built our reputation as one of the best in the United States, and then had the idea to use our teas to make kombucha. For us, it’s all about the tea because that’s what comes first, before the kombucha. If you don’t have amazing tea to begin with, you won’t have anything but average kombucha.

We have personal relationships with every one of our experienced tea buyers. They have personal relationships with every tea grower from whom we buy. We only buy organic tea from Fair Trade growers because they are just as important to us as the tea they grow. Because we buy direct from the growers, we can ensure our tea is fresh, flavorful and free of any chemicals.

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Craft Kombucha

Making craft-brewed kombucha is a science. We think it’s fun, too. We love being able to come together to dream up flavors that no one else out there thinks of, using the most high-quality ingredients available. We don’t cut corners, heat our kombucha and kill the live and active cultures, or use anything artificial. It’s brewed the way kombucha is supposed to be brewed.

Our Community

We also believe that giving back to our community is vital in supporting who we are as a company. We are proud to be committed to the 1% for The Planet initiative, meaning we donate 1% of the revenue from every bottle of our Love kombucha to non-profits focused on benefiting our communities.

The Environment

There are plenty of companies out there who care about the environment. We decided it was so important to us that we applied to be a Certified B Corporation. The assessment process to be named B Corp certified is extensive and rigorous. We were thoroughly evaluated to measure our impact on our workers, community, environment and customers. Our high score earned us the B Corp certification, legally binding us to our ongoing commitment to consider the impact of every decision we make on our entire ecosystem of people and the environment.

We could’ve stopped there, but we didn’t. Sustainability is important to keep our environment in good condition. That’s why implemented a 100% renewable energy initiative, saving 1.42 million pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere every year. We also source 85% of our kombucha ingredients from our own region, saving carbon emissions and investing in our local economies. Finally, we gently remove excess alcohol produced during the kombucha fermentation process and repurpose it into our tea-based spirits or pure ethanol for energy.

Next time you’re looking for a true craft-brewed kombucha, we hope you’ll give Brew Dr. a try. You can’t buy a higher quality kombucha from a company that does more for the community and the environment. Now, that’s a craft brew anyone can get behind!

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