Are you a restaurant manager? Own a convenience store? Run a bar? What beverages are you selling to your customers? Let us take a wild guess: a variety of sodas, a tea or two, lemonade, perhaps some fun cocktails and craft beer? Does that pretty much sum it up? Expected, for sure, but what about beverages that set you apart? Drinks people actually crave and can’t wait to buy?

As you may know, people are looking for something different. One of the best examples of this is a relatively new phenomenon you may have heard about. The “mocktail” craze is hotter than ever as many people, particularly millennials, want options besides alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may be on the downswing but not nearly as much as sugar. The Guardian reports fewer Americans consume sugary beverages than in the past and Fortune did the same, saying the total volume for soft drinks declined by 0.8 percent in 2016, 1.2 percent in 2015 and 0.9 percent in 2014.

So, what can you offer your customers that differentiate you and make your place stand out? One word: kombucha. Sell kombucha to your customers and see what happens.

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You’ll Spark Meaningful Conversations

The truth is, kombucha is so out of the ordinary, people can’t help but talk about it. It’s fermented tea with fruits and botanicals, for goodness sake. When you sell kombucha, you’re guaranteed to get some interesting questions from newbies about what it is, what it tastes like and what flavors are best. What a great way to make a personal connection with your customers.

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Long-time fans of kombucha will be so thrilled you sell kombucha, they won’t be able to keep quiet about it. It’s okay. We get pretty excited about kombucha, too. Kombucha is just cool. And it’s as unique as the people who drink it.

Questions and comments about kombucha often open up personal conversations about health, lifestyle and preferences. After all, kombucha contains billions of beneficial bacteria, low sugar and plenty of flavor. It’s the perfect conversation starter to help you build relationships with your customers. You won’t get that opportunity with soda or plain iced tea.

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You’ll Be Credited for Changing Lives for the Better

Even as the popularity of kombucha has skyrocketed, it’s amazing how many people have yet to try it. Some aren’t even sure of what it is. What a great opportunity for your wait staff, bartender or salesperson to introduce a completely new experience. When a customer asks what you recommend, for instance, why not inform them you sell kombucha and they should give it a try?

Here’s what happens when people drink kombucha: First, they usually raise their eyebrows and say “wow!” Kombucha is slightly fizzy with a perfect balance of sweet and tart - unlike any other beverage you sell. Kombucha also comes in so many flavors, it’s hard to get bored with it like your buyers often do with other beverages. 

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The extra bonus of kombucha is the beneficial bacteria that many people want. It’s why so many people eat yogurt and take probiotics. When you sell kombucha, you’re introducing them to a beverage that actually does some good.

You’ll Impress and Delight Your Customers

Kombucha is one of the most versatile beverages you can sell. In fact, kombucha is not only great on its own, but it makes a fantastic mixer - for mocktails and cocktails. Even smoothies get a boost with a splash of kombucha. So, instead of selling the ho-hum, you can sell the heck-ya! It can be that secret ingredient that makes your customers smile.

When you sell kombucha or mix it into drinks, you’re setting your establishment apart from the rest. It’s a declaration that you do things differently - that you like to shake things up and give your customers exciting options to expand their horizons. Now that’s impressive.

Where to Buy

Looking to sell the best kombucha on the planet? Brew Dr. Kombucha comes in 12 flavors and can be purchased by the case in bulk or on tap. We sell 14- and 32-ounce bottles, 4-pack 12-ounce cans, or varying-sized kegs for draft sales.

Want to try it first? Head to our website to search for locations near you Keep in mind, kombucha needs to stay cold to retain its flavor, so if you have it delivered, chill it in the fridge as soon as you get it and then enjoy!

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