Our Brew Dr. Story

We are kombucha from a Tea Company and we’re proud of where we came from. Every batch of Brew Dr. Kombucha is crafted from the beginning. We start with the same high-quality organic teas that we started serving at our Townshend’s Teahouses (now Brew Dr. Tea Company) and add only natural and organic botanicals (dried herbs, roots and fruits) and juices for a delicious taste.


Our Founder, Matt Thomas, started Townshend’s Tea Company in 2006 with the idea of serving great teas in a casual teahouse setting.

Alberta exterior


We began making kombucha in the kitchen of our first teahouse using the same great teas we served to our guests. It got so popular we decided to bottle it, giving it the name Brew Dr. Kombucha.



With the help of a Local Producer Loan from Whole Foods Market, we moved Brew Dr. out of our teahouse kitchen and into our first Portland brewery in Southeast.



Townshend’s Distillery was born. What started as a way to make use of the alcohol we remove from Brew Dr. turned into an award-winning spirits business.


We are proud to be a part of 1% for the Planet and the only national kombucha company to become a certified B Corporation! You can now find our organic 100% raw kombucha in all 50 states and across Canada.


Today we are excited to announce that we have united under one banner and transformed Townshend’s Tea Company to Brew Dr. Tea Company.

From classic tea, chai, matcha, and boba to refreshing kombucha, you can expect both our fan-favorites alongside new innovations being served at our Brew Dr. Teahouses.

Uplift Pour

While we’re talking about innovation, be sure to try our new caffeinated kombucha, Uplift. Featuring 130mg of natural caffeine per bottle, this new blend is the perfect probiotic pick-me-up.


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