kombucha brewing

Our Brew Dr. Story


Townshend’s Tea Company

Our founder, Matt Thomas, began the company based on his love for tea and the creativity possible with tea as a starting point.


Brew Dr. Kombucha Launches

We brewed our first tasty raw kombucha made from high quality teas and botanicals at our Portland teahouse before it became what’s now known as Brew Dr. Kombucha.



Brew Dr. Kombucha Grows

With the help of a Local Producer Loan from Whole Foods Market, we moved Brew Dr. out of our teahouse kitchen and into our first brewery in Southeast Portland.


Authentic & Responsible Brewing

Installation of a non-heat distillation process made it possible to produce real, authentic kombucha while removing the alcohol resulting from fermentation. Instead of throwing it away, we find innovative and sustainable methods for repurposing the alcohol for fuel or hand sanitizer


Brewery Expansion 

From the teahouse in 2008, to a small pilot brewery in 2010, to our current 50,000 sq ft brewery which was finished in 2016, we’ve been steadily expanding in order to responsibly meet the demand for our kombucha which can be found nationwide while staying true to our roots in Portland, Oregon.


Certified B Corp

We earned our B Corp certification in September 2018, cementing our values as a company that seeks to use business as a force for good. This commitment influences every area of our business, from sustainability to social justice and beyond.


New Innovation

We’ve spent the last couple years creating some exciting new flavors. For the first time, we’re working with new ingredients such as juices and natural sources of caffeine alongside our tea and botanicals. We launched a natural energy line called Uplift and CBD-infused kombucha known as Tranquil. We will continue to thoughtfully explore the full potential of tea and thank you for joining us on this journey!


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