Kombucha Lovers Rejoice: Kombucha on Tap

Kombucha, Anyone?

Do you love kombucha? Do your customers and guests? We’ve got some great news for you. Brew Dr. Kombucha offers our kombucha on tap. Whether you want to offer cold kombucha to your customers, your employees or your family, kombucha on tap is the way to go.

Kombucha is similar to beer in that it tastes fantastic on tap. According to experts, beverages on tap are more protected from light, temperature fluctuations and long shelf storage, all of which can impact flavor. Plus, it’s just fun to pour and drink kombucha from a tap!

Kombucha for Everyone

We often think of beverages on tap only at restaurants and bars. But more and more offices, businesses and homeowners are seeing the benefits of putting their favorite beverages on tap. It can be less expensive to buy a keg of a beverage than individual bottles. Saves on waste, too, which is always a good way to show your love for our environment. 

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Kombucha in The Break Room

Beyond the practical, there’s the employee satisfaction factor. What office wouldn’t benefit from offering employees beverages on tap in the breakroom - beverages besides the expected, ho-hum sodas? Wouldn’t you love to walk into your break room and see your favorite kombuchas on tap?

You wouldn’t be alone. A survey reported by USA Today found that while 56 percent of full-time employees are “extremely” or “very” happy with their job, that number jumps to 67 percent when their employer provides free food and drinks. Even more revealing is 48 percent of them said they would be more likely to apply for a job at a company that offers perks like free snacks. It’s a small investment for a significant impact.

Many companies set up a small bar in their cafeterias and break rooms that have more than typical sodas. They put kombuchas, tea, coffee and even beer and wine on tap. 

Kombucha for Sale

The global kombucha market is already valued at $760 million and is expected to grow by 23 percent over the next several years. That’s a lot of people buying kombucha! Give them what they want and offer it as a healthy alternative to what they’re used to. 

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The majority of kombucha sales happening in supermarkets, online stores and health stores, but there’s plenty of room to expand. It’s becoming more widely available in restaurants and bars, as well as unexpected places, like professional sports facilities and universities who want to offer customers something different. With so many people enjoying kombucha these days, these establishments are simply meeting customer demand. Having kombucha on tap ensures a virtually endless supply with a small footprint. 

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Kombucha at Home

We have customers who can’t go a day without Brew Dr. Kombucha. They drink it from our bottles and cans, mix it into cocktails, use it in recipes and offer it up at parties. And why not? Kombucha comes in so many great flavors and is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.  

If you have a game room bar or an outdoor kitchen, buying kombucha on draft is an economical way to have cold kombucha on hand whenever you want it. Kombucha lasts longer than you might think, so even if you aren’t sure if you and your friends and family can consume a keg, just know time is on your side! Plus, kegs come in various sizes, allowing you to buy just what you need.

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