Shipping & Receiving Clerk

The Shipping & Receiving Clerk works as part of the shipping team to ensure that the daily operations of the shipping, receiving, and loading dock are performed in a timely, efficient, and thorough manner.

MAINTENANCE technician - am shift

Our Maintenance Technicians work as a team to keeps things running smoothly at our Tualatin Brewery. They use their skills to keep our equipment and facility maintained in order to reduce downtime and keep the kombucha flowing.

laboratory technician - Pm shift

Our Laboratory Technicians assist with monitoring and analyzing kombucha throughout the brewing process, and make sure our flavors and fermentation are in the sweet spot. They are science-minded and skilled at interpreting lab data. They work closely with our quality and production teams.

quality technician - Pm shift

Our Quality Technicians assist with analyzing and testing our kombucha throughout the brewing and packaging process to ensure that the best quality and most delicious liquid makes it out the door. They verify quality procedures, product specs, and monitor sanitation, GMPs, and FSMA compliance. They work closely with our laboratory and production teams.

cellar hand

Our Cellar Hands work to safely and efficiently move kombucha throughout the brewery. Duties include tank transfers and cleaning, carbonation and pH testing, and forklift and pallet jack operation. This role works closely with the Cellar Manager to make sure the product is in the right place at the right time.


Our Brewers work together to make sure we keep delicious kombucha flowing from tank to tank and off to the bottling line for our Packaging Team. This job involves all aspects of the brewing process, from mixing herbs and teas to keeping our tanks clean and ready for the next batch. They work closely with the Brewing Manager to facilitate daily brewing tasks and keep the brewhouse clean and organized.

packaging operator - AM, PM, and Weekend shifts

Our Packaging Operators work together with their team and Packaging Lead to operate the bottling and/or canning lines safely and efficiently. They work hard and have a good time, with the goal of getting the finished product packed up and ready to head out the door to meet our customers.

Supply Chain

There are no open positions in Supply Chain at this time.

Sales & Marketing

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Accounting & Administration

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