What Are You Drinking?

Have you ever wondered what was in your kombucha? While kombucha has gone mainstream in America, its creation can be traced as far back as 221 B.C. It was a staple in China, Japan and parts of Europe for centuries before the U.S. discovered its goodness.Kombucha is traditionally homemade from tea. By adding certain bacteria and yeast to the brew, along with organic cane sugar, tea is transformed into the fermented, effervescent wonder that we know and love.

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Some may not care how their kombucha is made or what exactly is in it, but at Brew Dr., we’d think the kombucha founders more than 2,000 years ago probably knew a thing or two. Sure, you can add bacteria and yeast to just about any liquid and call it kombucha, but for the purist out there, why mess with perfection? Brew Dr. Kombucha is all about combining the perfection of traditionalist production of the past with the technology of today to make what we believe to be the best, and safest kombucha available. We take great pride in how we produce our kombucha, keeping all of the goodness while removing the alcohol to well below 0.5 percent so it can be enjoyed by all.

The Difference of Brew Dr. Kombucha

The difference in our kombucha is our tea. Brew Dr. Kombucha is the child of our parent company, Brew Dr. Tea Company (formerly known as Townshend's Tea Company), known for our fresh and expertly-crafted loose leaf tea. We only use our many varieties of organic Brew Dr. Tea custom blends to brew Brew Dr. Kombucha, so we know where our tea comes from (we partner with expert tea buyers who travel the world purchasing tea on our behalf) and we guarantee it is organic, fresh and fair trade.Brew Dr. Kombucha uses simple ingredients yet is complex in flavors. It is craft-brewed, raw, and never pasteurized. We steep it. Like tea. Because it is tea. The live cultures stay alive because that’s one of the main reasons people drink kombucha. Our brewing process takes place in a sterile, controlled environment, so we don’t have to worry about bad stuff contaminating our kombucha.

Organic Botanicals, Anyone?

You may not know what’s in other kombuchas, but with Brew Dr. Kombucha, you can be certain you are drinking organic botanicals and a host of the most naturally occurring live and active cultures possible. Just a few of our beautiful organic ingredients are spearmint, jasmine, ginger, turmeric, rosemary, sage, orange and lemongrass. If you are looking for real, pure, unadulterated, organic kombucha with all of taste and none of the fluff, give Brew Dr. Kombucha a try.

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