Some of you may have noticed that our labels look a little different these days, specifically the backside of the labels where all the nutrition info lives. Whether or not curiosity about the changes in our labels has been keeping you up at night, we wanted to take a moment to share the why and what around these adjustments!

Starting at the beginning of 2020, the FDA now requires 3 major changes in the way nutrition facts are presented to you:

  1. A serving is now one bottle (or can), when previously we listed our 14 oz bottle as 2 servings.
  2. Calories are printed larger.
  3. Added sugar has been defined. 

Here are a few great questions that we’ve received around our new labels:

I noticed the grams of sugar have doubled — what’s up with that?

We’ve always presented our 14 oz bottle as 2 servings, but the FDA now requires that we move to 1 serving per bottle. That change makes the items on our nutrition label appear doubled.

What is the difference between added sugar and total sugar?

In our case, fruit! Added Sugar represents the amount of organic cane sugar per serving. The Total Sugar line above it includes that cane sugar AND the natural sugars in any of our organic fruit ingredients.

Why is there cane sugar in your kombucha anyway?

Kombucha is made with three core ingredients: tea, SCOBY (bacteria and yeast), and sugar. The sugar feeds the yeast and bacteria, aiding in its growth. Without sugar, you have no yeast and bacteria. Without yeast and bacteria, you have no kombucha. Sugar plays a very important role in our process, and in making our kombucha so delicious!

We hope this information was helpful, but if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by emailing We love hearing from you!

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