The United Slopes of America - Episodes 1 and 2

We teamed up with our friend Desiree Melancon to help support her with her new passion project, The United Slopes of America. The basic idea is to travel around to as many North American resorts as she can while meeting up with friends, snowboarding and documenting it! This concept may seem like a no brainer but as the snowboard and ski world has been infiltrated by giant energy drink companies - it feels as if it's lost some of its soul and she wants to bring the fun back into it.

In an interview on Girls Are Awesome Desiree says, "United Slopes has many purposes to it. It shows that snowboarding is relatable again, that it’s fun… and that many types of people do it. It makes it so viewers can see that there are places and resorts at their fingertips, accessible without having to break the bank, and I’m trying to encourage people to be more adventurous." This is exactly why Brew Dr. Kombucha is so excited to be a part of her passion project. Watching these first couple of episodes, we are instantly brought back to the days of learning to ride with our friends at our local resort. Crack open a bottle of Clear Mind and get inspired for your next adventure!

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