The Secret Ingredient to Great Recipes

What’s Your Secret Sauce?

Every great party has something special, something memorable. It might be a theme or a venue, but most likely it will be the food and drinks. Adding a special house cocktail and/or unique food everyone talks about is an easy way to make your event memorable.

Do you have a signature drink? What about a killer appetizer? If you do, you know the feeling it brings when your recipe sparks conversation. When people ask, “Who made this?” and you get to coyly fess up. Bon appetit went so far as to title one of its articles, “Your House Cocktail Is the Most Important Recipe You’ll Ever Invent.” Why? Because as they say, “‘Can I offer you my house cocktail’ is a question that elicits a deep-seated pleasure in host and guest alike, a delight in both creativity and ownership.”

We couldn’t agree more.

So what ingredients will you put together in your cocktail? The dish that will be the talk of the party? Not feeling like a party? Even the most basic recipes for you and your family can be jazzed up with a little creativity and an eye on flavor. We’ll show you how.

Versatile Kombucha

Kombucha is already becoming mainstream as a beverage. People are opting for this fizzy wonder in lieu of sugary drinks and offering them to guests who either love or are intrigued to try them. A kombucha option is a great idea, but did you know kombucha can be enjoyed in more than just a glass? Kombucha just might become a staple in the kitchen as a trusted not-so-secret ingredient.

Each Brew Dr. Kombucha has a complex flavor profile. They are acidic and slightly vinegary, while at the same time, full of botanicals that can be anywhere from herby to fruity. With so many Brew Dr. Kombucha flavors from which to choose, the liquid goodness can lend amazing flavors to many recipes - flavors most people will be challenged to identify (which is always fun!) and will be surprised when they find out.

From offering your guests something spectacular to giving your old family recipes a boost, kombucha is a fun ingredient that’s worth experimenting with whenever you get the chance.


Who Needs a Drink?

Let’s start with a cocktail. Kombucha is fizzy, acidic and sweet, all at the same time, which makes it a perfect mixer for many cocktails. Instead of traditional sweet and sour mix, for instance, substitute a kombucha that offers the flavor you’re going for. For instance, give a mojito a pop by using our Mint Lemonade kombucha in place of club soda. Need more inspiration? Try this warm weather favorite we call our Memorial Day Weekend Kombucha Cocktail. Get creative and stock your bar with different flavors of Brew Dr. Kombucha.

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Wanting something the whole family can enjoy? Who doesn’t love lemonade or limeade? Simply by adding kombucha instead of water and ditching all the sugar, you can make your lemonade a lower-calorie option that takes your ade from regular to binge-worthy. Here’s our recipe for a Spring Fling Kombucha Mocktail. Here’s another idea: add a few ounces of Brew Dr. Kombucha Clear Mind to a glass of iced tea for a refreshing change of pace.

How about a smoothie? Brew Dr. has many fruity flavors, such as Spiced Apple, Strawberry Basil and Superberry that complement any fruit-based smoothie recipe. Instead of sugary juice, boring water or heavy milks, try one of these kombuchas to add a little zing. Do you prefer a green smoothie? We can help there too. Our Clear Mind kombucha has beautiful herbs that will turn a ho-hum green smoothie into something special. Try our Herbal Uplift with peppermint and lemon balm. Even our Lemon Ginger Cayenne is a great option to spice up any veggie blend.


Food Is the Way to the Heart

One of our favorite ways to infuse kombucha flavors into recipes is with dressings and marinades. Because both typically use an acidic ingredient, kombucha complements them beautifully. Our Citrus Hops kombucha is a perfect addition to a pork or chicken marinade, adding a bit of orange, coriander and hoppy flavor. Our Lemon Ginger Cayenne kombucha spices up a traditional vinaigrette with ginger, lemongrass and cayenne. Try our Arugula Strawberry Salad this summer and you’ll have everyone talking and check out our blog with several more dressings you will love.

Bowls are all the rage these days. They are comforting, pretty and convenient. Many contain a grain of some sort as a base. When grains are cooking, they soak up most or all of the cooking liquid. Why not add equal parts water and kombucha, such as Brew Dr. Kombucha Spiced Apple, to make your grains the star of the bowl? Want a grain-free bowl? Brew Dr.’s Citrus Ceviche recipe is a must try.

Take a look at all of your favorite recipes and see if they couldn’t be enhanced with the addition of kombucha. Visit our blog page to find more recipes and ideas on different ways to incorporate kombucha into your lifestyle. You’re parties and your dinner table will never be the same.

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