Shop for Kombucha Just About Anywhere

Shopping for Kombucha Has Never Been Easier

In the not so distant past, if you wanted to shop for kombucha, you had to go to a specialty store that carried health foods, like Whole Foods. Kombucha wasn’t mainstream and had the reputation of being a strange beverage reserved for hippies and health enthusiasts. My, how times have changed!

Today, shopping for kombucha is as easy as going to your neighborhood grocery store or corner convenience store. Yes, even convenience stores now carry kombucha. That’s not all. Restaurants and bars frequently serve kombucha in bottles or on tap. Have you ever had kombucha on tap? Definitely worth a try.

Choose The Right Kombucha

The popularity of kombucha comes from a couple of sources. First, people are looking for healthier alternatives to sugary beverages and sports drinks, heavy juices, and boring water. They want something interesting and kombucha definitely fits that bill. Secondly, there’s a whole new wellness movement taking shape where people are getting back to nature. Tired of the artificial ingredients found in so many consumer products, people want real products with simple ingredients. Kombucha fits right in there, too. At least, some kombucha.

As the demand for kombucha has increased dramatically, some independent kombucha makers have been purchased by large beverage manufacturers. They see the potential and are expanding their offerings beyond sodas. Similarly, craft kombucha is following the beer trend. There’s now a dizzying array of kombuchas from which to choose, but not all are made the same.

When shopping for kombucha, you should read labels and go to the brand’s website to find out how it’s made and what’s in it. All kombucha begins as sweet tea, but things can go in dramatically different directions from there, all dependent on who’s manufacturing the kombucha.

One of the primary benefits of kombucha, when made the traditional way, is that it is “raw.” Raw kombucha contains live, beneficial bacteria, much like the bacteria cultures found in yogurt and kefir. If the manufacturer chooses to pasteurize their kombucha, which some do, all of those cultures are killed. Sad, we know. Some add in probiotic supplements, but they aren’t as numerous or as diverse as when they are naturally-occurring. Look for the word “raw” on your bottle or check their website to see if they publish it there. Most manufacturers know raw is preferred and will advertise theirs as being raw if it is.

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Head to The Refrigerated Section

You can find kombucha in the refrigerated beverage section at grocery and convenience stores. Kombucha is a fermented drink that is bottled at just the precise time. Refrigeration stops the fermentation process so the kombucha has the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness and fizz. Left at room temperature, kombucha will continue to ferment and become increasingly more tangy and vinegary. 

Most kombucha is sold in glass (preferred) or plastic bottles. Besides glass bottles, Brew Dr. Kombucha also offers their kombucha in cans so you can easily pack them when you’re on the go.

While most stores now carry kombucha, you may find the widest selection at places like Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Target, and Safeway. If you fall in love with a Brew Dr. Kombucha that your store doesn’t carry, just ask! Many grocery stores will order products for customers. And guess what? You can even order it from Amazon.


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