Not All Kombuchas Are Made Equal

"Kombucha buying rule number one: stick with organic. “The Food and Drug Administration doesn’tapprove all kombucha labels, but organic certifiers are super obsessive,” says Matt Thomas, CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha. To get the organic stamp of approval, for example, he says that Brew Dr. Kombucha hasto runevery single label change itwants to make by itscertifier.Andif companiesdon’t care enough to go the extra step to get certified organic, he says that theymay have lower quality standards overall—and what’s bottled inside could be pasteurized, instead of the (raw) good stuff. “[Pasteurizing]makes it easier to ship and store, but then you’re losing all the probiotic benefits,” he says."For the full article from Well + Good and more tips on what to look forwhen you're choosing a better kombucha, click here. 

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