Vanilla Oak - The Taste of Winter is Back Again

At Brew Dr., we are always coming up with new flavor ideas. We let nature inspire us, listen to our customers and dream up ways to please every palate. When we think of winter, we imagine hearths with crackling fires, family and friend gatherings and delectable sweets. We wanted to create a recipe that was warming, slightly sweet and felt like a hug from an old friend. And so last winter we created Vanilla Oak and have brought it back for a second year!Back again by popular demand, you can experience the unique tastes of vanilla and caramel in this delightfully fizzy winter brew, reminiscent of cream soda. This special recipe includes fresh-scraped, organic vanilla bean and earthy oak steeped in the kettle with black tea. So think beyond the Wassel and hot cocoa...we think Vanilla Oak may become your new go-to beverage of the season.

Why Is Brew Dr. Vanilla Oak Kombucha Seasonal?

Unlike many kombucha makers who use artificial flavors and/or extracts, Brew Dr. Kombucha uses only the real thing: vanilla bean. But we went a step further because we are big believers in organic growing methods. Organic vanilla bean is not as easy to source, but well worth the effort. The only downside that we can find is that it’s not readily available year round.So, if you want to try Brew Dr. Vanilla Oak Kombucha, don’t wait until the season is over. Ask for it wherever you buy Brew Dr. and share it with your loved ones this winter before it’s all gone!

Creative Ways to Enjoy Vanilla Oak Kombucha

We think our new seasonal flavor is perfect straight from the bottle, but if you’re having a holiday gathering, we’d like to share a few creative ideas of how to incorporate Brew Dr. Vanilla Oak Kombucha into your festivities.

Craft Cocktails

Every party needs a house cocktail. Jazz things up a bit by using Brew Dr. Vanilla Oak Kombucha as a mixer with your favorite vodka. The smooth vanilla is a great compliment to vodka and will have your guests oohing and aahing all evening. Dress it up with a twist of fresh orange rind, a wedge of orange or a few cranberries and a sprig of mint or rosemary for a beautiful cocktail everyone will love.

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Holiday Punchbowl

Want a non-alcoholic option for your guests young and not-so-young alike? Pour several bottles of Brew Dr. Vanilla Oak Kombucha into a pretty bowl, add thinly-sliced oranges, pears and/or a few handfuls of fresh cranberries to the bowl. Our kombucha has the sweetness, zing and fizz that makes up any great punch. We recommend not including ice in the bowl but allowing guests to add ice to their glasses, instead. Ice melts too quickly and will water down your kombucha.

Fireside S’mores n’ Kombucha

Nothing says winter than an outdoor fire and s’mores. All of that s’more making can make your guests thirsty, so give them something more exciting than water while they work! Have a cooler of Brew Dr. Vanilla Oak Kombucha iced down nearby. The vanilla and oak undertones are a perfect compliment to marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Trust us. This will take your s’mores to a whole new level.

The After-Party Glow

Did you know that Brew Dr. deliberately chose our bottles to be upcycled? Our beautiful brown bottles remind us of the simplicity of years long ago and add so much charm to any decor. After your gathering is over, simply remove the Brew Dr. label (we made our labels easy to remove for this very reason), rinse and use as a flower vase, a candle holder, a centerpiece with holiday lights and much more. So much more, in fact, we dedicated an entire blog about how you can turn your Brew Dr. Kombucha bottles into something really special.We hope you love our winter seasonal, Vanilla Oak, as much as we do. Be sure to get it while you can!

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