Kombucha offers a different kind of bubbly

KGW's Portland Today invited our Founder, Matt Thomas, to their studio to speak about Brew Dr. Kombucha as an alternative holiday beverage and mixer. A great thing about Brew Dr. as a mixer is that because we make it with the same unique blends of tea and botanicals we've formulated to serve at our Townshend's Teahouses, they're simple and tasty mixers! Along with our Thomas & Sons Distillery tea spirits, kombucha + tea cocktails can be a creative addition to your mixology repertoire. Watch the full video segment here on KGW's Portland Today.

Give these a try:

Spiced Apple + whiskey

Clear Mind + gin

Superberry + vodka

Love + red or white wine

Lemon Ginger Cayenne + tequila

Flavor landscape