Issues We Focus On: Racial Justice

Racial inequity is everywhere. Housing, yep. City planning, you know it. Employment, of course. Systemic racism surrounds us in more ways than we know. Racism in America spans back 400-years and the deconstruction of a 400-year plight will take intentional, coordinated antiracist policies to bring equity to those who have fought so long for a piece of the American Dream. 

Brew Dr actively engaged third party consultation on building an anti-racist culture and hiring structure. The fight for equity needs to happen in every nook and cranny of society, we’re proud to be addressing it in our offices and neighborhoods.

Uplifting Our Community

We know the privilege we have and aim to strengthen the community around us. In June of 2020, Brew Dr established 1% for Social Justice, a pledge to donate 1% of our Uplift line sales to social justice organizations.

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