We’re Transforming a Byproduct of Kombucha Into Hand Sanitizer

You may have heard this before, but during the fermentation process of crafting our authentic kombucha, alcohol is created as a natural byproduct. We at Brew Dr. have developed an effective process to gently remove that alcohol using a non-heat distillation method, making our kombucha safe for all ages to enjoy!So where does the extracted alcohol end up?We’re glad you asked. Under normal circumstances, the alcohol is converted into bioethanol (low carbon) fuel as part of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, we saw the pressing national need for hand sanitizer and pivoted our process in response to the shortage.We’ve teamed up with our friends at Straightaway Cocktails who are further distilling our extracted alcohol into 80% alcohol-by-volume hand sanitizer in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines. This collaborative project is generating the donation of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer across the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.So far, we have been able to donate sanitizer to doctors and nurses, firefighters and police officers, as well as historically marginalized communities who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Through this donation framework, we are proud to provide a key element of PPE to our frontline workers and community members in need.The sanitizer is also available for purchase in bulk and in gallon dispensers at New Seasons Market. Additionally, Straightaway is including the sanitizer with many local deliveries and orders, and offering bulk sanitizer at their tasting room in SE Portland, which remains open for pickup orders of sanitizer, bottled cocktails, and canned spritzers.During this pivotal moment in public health, we’re proud to be able to partner with local businesses to take action. Let’s all keep doing our part to be safe, protect our families and neighbors, and support our local essential workers as they uphold our communities.

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