Happy Friendsgiving with a few tips from Brew Dr. Kombucha

Maybe the first thing that pops into your head when you think about Thanksgiving isn’t “fun” or “party.” In fact, you probably think, first and foremost, about your great aunt’s jello “salad” or the green bean casserole that somehow always made a gloppy, soggy appearance on the Thanksgiving table every single year. Not that it isn’t great to spend time with your family and take time to express thankfulness, but a holiday that is about celebrating abundance should feel...well...celebratory.Luckily, there are a lot of easy ways to turn a ho-hum Thanksgiving into a vibrant, energetic party. For starters, unless you live far away from family and weren’t planning on joining them for a traditional Thanksgiving, plan your Friendsgiving on a day other than Thanksgiving. Changing the date not only takes a little pressure off, but it will mean that more of your friends will be able to attend.Second, revamp the menu. Turkey is nice if you like turkey, but a lot of people don’t. So, if turkey isn't your thing, make a different main course. It could be anything from braised lamb to a whole roasted salmon to a stuffed pumpkin. And for sides, ask everyone to bring something they really like to make. There doesn’t have to be a theme, and you don’t have to go traditional (but, if you have a friend whose broccoli-cheddar casserole is amazing, definitely embrace that). You don’t need to coordinate with everyone unless you want to, but a simple Google sheet will allow everyone to communicate about what they’re bringing without an endless chain of emails.Third, drinks! For any friends who aren’t so much into cooking or who feel intimidated cooking for others, have them bring a bottle of wine or two. Have one friend assemble the makings for a pre-dinner cocktail. Another option is to make a festive punch. Combine a few bottles of Brew Dr. Spiced Apple Kombucha, bourbon or whiskey, a splash of scotch, lemon juice, and several dashes of Angostura bitters. Make an ice ring by placing lemon and orange slices and cranberries in a bundt pan. Cover them with crushed ice, then add water. Freeze until completely solid and serve the ice block floating in the punch.Finally, don’t forget the music! This is a great project for that friend who always puts together the perfect playlist. There are no rules for what songs to play at Thanksgiving, but keep it upbeat and classy (a.k.a. avoid dance music and 12-minute drum solos) for maximum Friendsgiving fun.The takeaway is that Friendsgiving is essentially done in the same spirit as Thanksgiving. You’re taking an evening to enjoy the company of people you love and to give thanks for the many good things in your life. The difference is that with Friendsgiving you can let go of the sometimes wonderful but often stodgy traditions that go along with Thanksgiving and just have a really great time.

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