Enjoying Kombucha During The Holidays

The change in weather means one thing: the holidays are just around the corner! The question is, what are you going to do this year to make it memorable? With all of the parties, family gatherings, and presents, make sure your soirees and gifts stand out.

We’d like to offer up a few tips on how you and your friends and family can enjoy kombucha during the holidays, no matter your plans.

Holiday Parties

Hosting a holiday party is always fun, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming. If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’ll spend over $1,400 buying food, drinks and decorations for your party and 10 hours planning, setting up and cleaning up. It’s a big commitment but so worth it if you do it right.

Whether your party is a spontaneous small gathering, an annual event for the ages, or something in between, perhaps the most important thing you can do is provide plenty of food and drinks - and a wide variety of each. Food and beverages are the ultimate unifier, bringing people together in conversation over a glass of wine or a nibble of food.

You can safely assume each guest will drink two to three drinks. Instead of serving only the expected, offer your guests a unique house cocktail as well to add a bit of intrigue. Be sure to offer a fun “mocktail” as well. According to USA Today, increasingly more people are opting for non-alcoholic beverages for their health and/or because they want to be part of the party without getting intoxicated. You can easily provide both options with the help of kombucha.

Superberry Mocktail

Holiday Cocktails

Jazz up any cocktail with kombucha as a mixer. Instead of boring club soda or highly-sweetened sodas, try mixing liquor with the wonderful botanical flavors of kombucha. Kombuchas will not only dress up your cocktails with their natural colors, but they will add the unique flavor that makes your house cocktail something to remember.

Because kombucha comes in so many flavors, the sky's the limit on what you can create. Here are some of our favorite kombucha cocktail recipes to inspire you.

Kombucha Whiskey Sour

Cranberry Mint Sparkler

Spiced Apple Kombucha Punch

Vanilla Vodka Spritzer

Holiday Mocktails

Mocktails may be non-alcoholic, but they’re equally as fun - at least they should be. The best part about a mocktail is anyone can drink it - from kids to grandparents, teetolars to anyone who is just curious. Kombucha is the perfect addition to any mocktail, lending exciting flavors from fruits and botanicals, plus a soft effervescence that tingles the tongue. Add a sprig of rosemary or a few cranberries and your mocktail is the envy of even the stiffest cocktail.

Here are a couple of our favorite recipes but feel free to ice down a variety of Brew Dr. Kombucha flavors and let your guests adorn their own mocktail with all kinds of herbs, cut up fruit or whole berries.

Vanilla Oak Mocktail

Superberry Mocktail

Holiday Gifts

Buying a personal gift for a friend or loved one is hard. You want it to be something they love and that shows you actually know what they love. A candle, scarf, or fuzzy socks aren’t going to say you care. Instead, give your kombucha-loving friends a variety pack of Brew Dr. Kombucha!

We make the most amazing kombucha on the planet with the finest organic teas and botanicals available. All of our kombuchas are low in sugar and high in flavor. Nothing says love than a refrigerator full of Brew Dr. In fact, we even have a kombucha called “Love”!

Our beautiful kombucha bottles also make great simple and thoughtful hostess gifts. Don’t show up empty-handed or with the typical bottle of wine. Give your host a flavorful kombucha they can enjoy now and repurpose the bottle later. Here are some creative ideas on how our bottles can be upcycled to fit any decor.

At Brew Dr., we hope you and your family enjoy this holiday season and have the best new year yet. Cheers!

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