Differentiate Your Brand by Offering Kombucha

Kicking The Sugar Habit with Kombucha

Consumers are getting the message: sugary sodas are so yesterday. According to a 2017 study, fewer adults and children are opting for sugar-laden drinks. While 60.7 percent of children and 50 percent of adults still drink sugary beverages in 2014, those numbers are significantly lower than ten years prior where nearly 80 percent of children and 62 percent of adults were drinking them daily.Juice, milk and sodas have gotten a bad wrap for their sugar content. Most popular sodas contain 150 - 170 calories per 12 ounces and a cup of fruit juice is approximately the same. With obesity and diabetes top of mind, many people are trying to make changes to improve their health. A simple way of doing that is to stop drinking empty calories. Water sales have skyrocketed for this reason, but that’s not all.While the benefits of water are well known, consumers still want variety. They are reaching for flavored sparkling waters, infused waters, teas and kombuchas to break up the monotony and add a little excitement to their daily fluid intake - without adding lots of extra calories. Retailers and restaurants can give their guests a memorable experience when they offer interesting options.

Give People What They Want

Consumers are driving the demand. Restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers are stocking their menus and shelves with non-soda alternatives. Kombuchas are a popular option because they have a tea base, a soft fizz of soda and a wide variety of flavors from which to choose. Offering customers kombucha is a fun and interesting way to shake things up a bit. Here are a few ways to approach it:

Think Outside The Box

When consumers walk down the aisle at a grocery or convenience store, they want variety without being overwhelmed. When they are in a restaurant, they assume they’ll receive water, but what could be offered to make the experience a bit more unique?Offering customers something unexpected, such as kombucha, not only makes their visit more enjoyable, but it sets the company offering it apart. Beverages can be as differentiating as the food or other items on sale. Try offering a variety of kombucha flavors that you know are popular and others people may have yet to try. Present the beverages as you would a wine or craft beer list to instantly communicate your beverage offerings are special and meant to be savored.

Make Your Beverage Options Interactive

Restaurants and retailers have captive audiences who are typically open to suggestions. If you are a retailer, try setting up a kombucha tasting table in a well-populated area to gauge interest in alternative beverages. This gives visitors a feeling they are part of the decision process and they provide an honest source of feedback. If you are a restaurant, have waiters and/or bartenders ask guests if they would be interested in helping the restaurant expand their non-alcoholic beverage menu by tasting a few varieties and/or brands of kombucha and providing feedback. Customers will remember the experience and feel special when asked to participate. Be sure waiters have the same score sheets and either interview the patrons or have the patrons complete them on their own. Only a few questions need to be asked, such as: which beverage would you order if offered on the menu? Which beverage would you not order? Run the campaign for several days and be sure to ask a variety of customers.

Keep Track of Sales

Measurement is important to know whether or not your beverage ideas are hitting the mark. Be sure you track every sale of the kombuchas to determine whether your offerings are meeting the demands of your customers. Taking inventory will also uncover which particular flavors are more popular.If you conducted a taste test, gather the customer feedback and run the numbers. You may be surprised at which flavors garnered the most praise. If the numbers are close, consider offering all of those options, at least for a time, to see which ones sell best over time or during a different season.

Buy Kombucha in Bulk

Buying kombucha in bulk is cost-effective and ensures you keep your inventory stocked. Many kombucha wholesalers will sell kombucha in bulk, refrigerated and delivered to your door on a set schedule. Keep in mind that kombucha contains live cultures and must remain under refrigeration at all times. You should not store or serve kombucha past its expiration date to ensure the freshest product. There are dozens of kombucha manufacturers and probably hundreds of flavor options from which to choose. Based on your previous taste testing and sales research, you should know which flavors your customers prefer. Order the same flavors in bulk or switch it up by season to add even more variety. Kombucha is an exciting option in the beverage world. Sales have skyrocketed and now is the time to jump on board. If you’re not offering it, you’re missing out on providing a great customer experience. People of all ages can enjoy kombucha and it’s versatile enough to be used in recipes and in mixed alcoholic drinks. Experiment with the flavors and be sure to visit our blog site for recipe ideas.

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