Is there caffeine in Brew Dr. Kombucha?A common question we often see is whether or not there is caffeine in kombucha and if so, how much there is. At Brew Dr. Kombucha, we understand that a low caffeine alternative is important to some, so we've got the facts for you.There is less than 15 mg of caffeine in an entire 14 fl oz bottle of Brew Dr. Kombucha. That is a lot less than a cup of coffee (95 mg per 8 fl oz) or green tea (25 mg per 8 fl oz) —and the amount in one 14fl oz bottle is about the same as a decaf cup of coffee. The reason there is so much less caffeine in kombucha than other beverages like coffee or tea is because the fermentation process consumes most of the caffeine while creating the wonderful mix of live and active cultures in Kombucha.So rest your mind, and don't worry about overdoing it. Kombucha is a great alternative to other high caffeinated beverages.

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