Brew Dr. Kombucha Stands With Ukraine

Brew Dr. Kombucha supports Ukraine during its time of crisis. Learn about our commitment to donate proceeds and how you can help make a difference.

#StandWithUkraine 5K Walk/Run on Sunday, March 20th

Meet Eve, a member of the Brew Dr. family. Eve is Ukrainian. These pictures show her 5K run through the Ukrainian Village last weekend in New York, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Inspired by Eve’s run, we encourage you to join us in a 5K walk/run to #StandWithUkraine on Sunday, March 20th!


Anyone located in Portland, OR can join us at Oaks Bottom Park between 9am and 11am, but we encourage remote participation too. You can walk or run with us from anywhere in the world!


This walk/run is to show support for those affected by the violence occurring in Ukraine and is open to all ages, abilities, and experience levels. While this is a free event, we encourage all in-person and virtual participants to donate to organizations that provide on-the-ground support and fight the current spread of misinformation.


Join our Strava running group and sign up to walk or run here, or show your support by liking and sharing our post on social. We can't wait to see you there!

Parking Instructions:

  • 1221 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202
  • Just north of the Sellwood Bridge on Portland's east side, south of Oaks Park

Virtual Participation Instructions:

  • If you cannot join in person, please make sure your walk or run is recorded and viewable on the Brew Dr. Club activity log. We will track virtual participation through group activity between 3/19-20.

Brew Dr. Stands For Transparency and Fights Against Misinformation

At Brew Dr., one of our core values is transparency. We are committed to speaking the truth and fighting disinformation. We cannot be silent about the situation in Ukraine. Our hearts are broken by this horrific crisis and the millions of lives affected by war and violence.

In times of crises, it can be easy for misinformation to spread. This is why we support The Kyiv Independent, Ukraine’s foremost English-language media outlet.

Founded with a belief in editorial independence, we look to them as a reliable source of on-the-ground coverage on the situation in Ukraine. Learn more about The Kyiv Independent, support their cause, and donate to their GoFundMe via their website.

To combat misinformation, focus on getting information from verifiable sources, particularly those directly in Ukraine. Take the time to slow down and double-check the facts before reposting and sharing information. Here are some tips on combatting misinformation from WNYC's On The Media:

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