Better-For-You Kombucha and Booze Cocktail

"Instead of opting out of wine or champagne, why not whip up a healthier cocktail? We can’t imagine V-day without bubbles, which is why we’re obsessed with a shot of carbonated kombucha into our drink. Plus, ‘booch made with black or green tea, like Brew Dr. Kombucha, is naturally loaded with antioxidants and catechins, which slow signs of aging and can help decrease body fat percentage, respectively. And obviously, all fermented kombucha contains loads of gut-healthy probiotics, which help to decrease bloat, improve digestion, and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively."Though Valentines Day may be long gone, this sexy cocktail from Sporteluxe is sure to stick around. Click here for this better-for-you 'booch and booze' cocktail recipe!

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