A Kombucha Cocktail for All Your Beauty Needs

As you’re probably well aware, kombucha is all the rage right now — and a drink trend that’s quickly becoming a mainstay.Guess what? In addition to being an awesome, healthy beverage alternative, it’s also great for yourskin.“Including kombucha as part of your daily diet is a step toward better gut health and detoxification, which can lead to better hair, skin,nails and general overall vitality,” saysMatt Thomas, CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha. “Probiotics are thought to work in part by displacing unhealthy bacteria, decreasing the gut permeability, and stimulating the release of anti-inflammatory proteins from the immune system — so in theory, when your immune system is happy and healthy, your body is able to devote more resources to building stronger and healthier hair, skin, and nails.”Thank you to FabFitFun for highlighting a few of the possible skin benefits with drinking Brew Dr. Kombucha! Be sure to check out the FabFitFun Team's kombucha cocktail that may help in boosting skin cell renewal and collagen production! Read the full article here. 

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