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Is Kombucha Good for Hangovers?

Brew Dr. Kombucha Cans Ginger Lemon

You’ve heard of kombucha – the fermented tea drink packed with gut-friendly cultures, available in a variety of flavors. Kombucha has grown in popularity around the world. In the US, the drink once only found in the fridge at natural food stores is now available in cafes, grocery stores, and even gas station shops. Plenty…

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Is There a Best Time of Day to Drink Kombucha?

Brew Dr. Kombucha Watermelon Uplift Superberry

Have you caught the kombucha bug and enjoy having a sip (or two) of this flavorful, gut-healthy drink? If you enjoy a refreshing brew, you may be wondering: is there a best time of day to drink kombucha? We’ve put together a bit of information to help you decide what’s best for you. Morning, Noon,…

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Spreading Joy Through Art with Illustrator Brooklyn Seibold

As long summer days turn to crisp fall evenings, we have embraced the season with a recently launched limited-release flavor: Vanilla Blossom. A warming blend of vanilla bean and mulling spices combines with bursts of cherry, rooibos, and hibiscus to create a smooth yet satisfyingly complex flavor profile. Vanilla Blossom made its debut on shelves…

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Cultivating Creativity with Brew Dr. Art Director Laura Gano

Brew Dr. is never one to shy away from innovation and creativity; we love sharing our knowledge and passion for tea while pioneering new and exciting beverages. One adventure we are especially excited about is welcoming the Limited Release: Watermelon into the brand’s full-time lineup of 14 flavors — sporting a shiny new label to…

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Intersectional Environmentalism at Brew Dr.

Intersectional Environmentalism

Our climate is under threat and Brew Dr. has long held the belief that we as a business need to do all we can to protect it. In the last year alone, we’ve seen forest fires rage across the State of California, the rainforests of The Amazon, and now even in the Arctic, setting ablaze…

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