We’re Proud to be B Corp Certified

March is B Corp month! Brew Dr. is proud to be the first major kombucha company to become B Corp Certified. Let’s take a look #behindtheb and dive deeper into what Brew Dr. stands for.  WHAT IS A B CORP?  Unlike traditional companies, Certified B Corporations are on a mission to do business better, meeting the highest standards…

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Issues We Focus On: Kombucha Labeling Integrity

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Not all kombuchas on the market are created the same, we’re working with our industry partners to ensure when you buy kombucha, you’re getting the real stuff. Let’s define kombucha, together  Kombucha is a centuries-old beverage. It is made through the fermentation of tea with cultures of bacteria and yeast. The finished liquid is slightly…

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Issues We Focus On: Youth Development and Public Education

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We have decades of work left to do to bring the change we wish to seek in our communities. We’re doing all we can to usher in the next generation of environmentalists and activists. Ecology in the Classroom and Outdoors  Ecology in the Classroom and Outdoors (ECO) is widely recognized for its role in introducing…

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Issues We Focus On: LGBTQ

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Love wins, no matter who you are and who you love  The Trevor Project We’re proud to support The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.  Marriage equality Brew Dr. firmly stands behind the 2015 landmark…

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Issues We Champion: Voter Suppression

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Equitable voting, for everyone For much of the United State’s history, we have had explicit laws banning certain races or genders from participating in democracy. Lawmakers for generations have attempted to right those wrongs, from the 19th amendment allowing women the right to vote in 1922 to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, banning subjective qualification…

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Issues We Focus On: Cap and Trade

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It will take all of us  Put a lid on it!  It’s important for us to be the first and only net-zero kombucha producer, however, if we’re going to solve climate change and bring our global emissions below the threshold needed for a 2-degree celsius world, we need strong international action, starting with creating a…

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Issues We Focus On: Racial Justice

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Racial inequity is everywhere. Housing, yep. City planning, you know it. Employment, of course. Systemic racism surrounds us in more ways than we know. Racism in America spans back 400-years and the deconstruction of a 400-year plight will take intentional, coordinated antiracist policies to bring equity to those who have fought so long for a…

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