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“We waste a lot of food. We don’t have to. We just do, because we don’t think very hard sometimes. If you’re a cook, you know how to transition ingredients through a cycle of different dishes-Sunday’s roast chicken becomes soup stock, sandwiches, stews…until everything is used up. In a time when climate change is no longer something that could happen in the future (because it’s already happening right now), it’s shocking to note that Americans waste approximately 40% of their food and 90% of that waste goes into landfills. But that’s the reality, which isn’t just environmentally horrifying but a damn shame because of the missed opportunities for tasty “byproduct” foods you aren’t thinking about. For example, let’s say you are a purveyor of tea and you like to ferment the tea into kombucha. You not only end up with spent tea leaves-you have alcohol. What to do with it?

If you’re Portland, Oregon’s Brew Dr., you sequester the alcohol from the fermenting tea, keeping your kombucha buzz-free, and you hand it over to Thomas & Sons where it’s distilled into artisanal spirits.”

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