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What is Matcha?

What is Matcha and why is it special?
Matcha is stone-ground green tea used traditionally in Chado, the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is prepared by whisking the powdered leaf directly into a bowl with water, creating a light foamy head. Its flavor is rich and savory, almost broth-like, balanced by bright vegetal or oceanic notes. Matcha has the highest concentration of L-Thianine of any tea, a compound known for its mood enhancing qualities. The caffeine buzz obtained from drinking matcha is a focused and sustained high without the jitteriness of coffee or black tea, and with a gentle descent. It’s nice like that.



Matcha drinks to try:

Traditional Matcha Mizuba matcha whisked in the traditional style, accompanied by a smooth dark Bolivian chocolate
Matcha Shot A little “green energy,” one ounce shooter of matcha makes for an excellent add-on item
MatchaBucha A pint of kombucha with as shot of matcha added. Makes for an interesting visual presentation, and an elevated kombucha experience.
Matcha Latte and of course we’re still serving this old fave! Can be made with Townshend’s “latte grade” matcha or with Mizuba’s premium grade.



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