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A Little or A Lot: How Much Caffeine Is in Kombucha?

Kombucha Has Caffeine?

Did you know that most kombucha has caffeine? It’s not quite that simple, however. First, you have to understand what kombucha is. Yes, it’s a wonderfully effervescent, tangy and sweet beverage – all at the same time. It has alcohol, caffeine and probiotics too. All of these qualities are due to one thing: fermentation.

Kombucha is sweet tea that has been fermented. Most of the tea leaves used in kombucha are a variety of black or green, all of which have caffeine. That automatically makes kombucha caffeinated. But, that’s not the whole story. 

The fermentation process naturally reduces the amount of caffeine in the tea, but the final product still contains small amounts of caffeine, about 15 mg. For reference, an 8 oz cup of green tea can range from 30 to 50 mg of caffeine, depending on the type of green tea leaves used in the brewing and how long the tea is brewed. For many people, that 15 mg of caffeine is the perfect boost. Even people who are sensitive to caffeine can typically enjoy kombucha because the levels are so low.

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But what about people who want more? The meager 15 mg of caffeine isn’t always enough for them. For those looking for a little extra kick in their drink, perhaps something more along the lines of a cup of coffee, we have a new kombucha for that, too. The caffeine amount in coffee ranges widely depending on the type of coffee, how it was roasted and how it was brewed, generally anywhere from 75 to 165 mg. That’s significantly more caffeine than traditional kombuchas. But now, Brew Dr. Kombucha has something for even the biggest caffeine lovers: Brew Dr. Uplift Kombucha.

Uplift Caffeinated

Brew Dr. Uplift Caffeinated Kombucha

You asked and we listened! We know a lot of people love our kombuchas and even prefer them over other beverages, but they want (okay, they need) more of a pick-me-up sometimes. Brew Dr. Uplift Kombucha has all of the probiotics, fizz, tang and sweetness of our other kombuchas, plus extra natural caffeine – 130 mg, to be exact. The caffeine comes from green tea, yerba mate and guayasa. You already know what green tea is, but do you know what yerba mate and guayasa are?

Originally grown in Paraguay, South America, yerba mate leaves (llex paraguariensis) have been enjoyed as a tea since the 17th century. The leaves contain caffeine, about 1.5 percent, plus a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Yerba mate is slightly bitter, so we love to blend it with other ingredients to mellow it out a bit without losing its trademark taste.

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Guayasa is also found in South America. It’s actually a drink that can be traced back as far as 2,000 years ago. Made from the leaves of a holly tree known as llex guayasa (a family member of yerba mate), guayasa tea is known for its energizing effect and antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Guayasa is smooth, earthy and just a little sweet. The leaves have about the same caffeine as ground coffee, around 3 percent.

Uplift Caffeinated Pour

When you drink Uplift, you not only get a nice dose of caffeine, but you get something coffee and plain tea can’t give you – live and active cultures of beneficial bacteria. Bacteria like acetic acetobacter, lactobacillus, and saccharomyces. Long names that are hard to pronounce but easy to digest. Your gut will love them! And with every sip, you’re also getting organic acids, like acetic acid, lactic acid, propionic acid, glucuronic acid and gluconic acid. All of those naturally-forming acids are known to improve the bioavailability of the vitamins in our kombuchas, plus other benefits, like supporting joint health and the immune system.

If you’re looking for a healthy kombucha with the added benefit of enough caffeine to give you your daily boost, look no further than Brew Dr. Uplift Kombucha. It’s the perfect beverage in the morning or during that afternoon slump.


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