6 Types of Natural Energy Boosters And Energy Drinks

There’s no denying that modern life can be stressful: the pace, the workload, and being constantly on the go. Sometimes, just thinking about what your day holds is enough to exhaust you. And this might be why so many people these days are choosing natural energy boosters and drinks to give them a little more in the tank. 

But what exactly are those drinks made of? How well do they work, and which ones should you choose? Not all energy is created equal: for example sugar is technically a natural product that can boost your energy, but we all know that too much of it isn’t good for you. So what’s the deal with natural energy boosters and drinks, and what ingredients should you look for?

Let’s take a look at the various types of natural energy boosters and drinks out there, the pros and cons of each type, and which ones you should consider when you’re looking for an extra boost.

Why We Enjoy Natural Energy Boosters and Drinks

Energy drinks are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, most popular commercial energy drinks are not natural and not too healthy. Many are loaded with sugar, caffeine, and artificial ingredients. They may give you a short term energy boost, but you’re bound to crash soon after — And they’re not good for your long-term, overall health. 

There have even been cases where people experienced heart problems from over-consumption of energy drinks. Those problems can range from palpitations to actual heart attacks. And top of it, the sharp spike of energy is followed by a steep crash, so you might find you feel more tired once the effects wear off. 

As with anything, the occasional commercial energy drink probably won’t be terrible for you in moderation, but you won’t want to make a habit out of it.

Which Natural Energy Boosters and Drinks Are Actually Good for You?

So, you know you shouldn’t be reaching for commercial energy drinks when you need a boost. But what can you choose to drink when you need a little extra energy? Here are a few options to consider: 

1. Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented product, like kefir or kimchi— or, since it’s a drink, like wine or beer. This natural product is made by fermenting tea and adding a variety of natural flavorings and ingredients. It’s got a lot of gut-healthy probiotic flora in it, but it also has a little caffeine because it’s made from tea. 

Unlike commercial energy drinks, it’s not loaded with so much caffeine that it can have a negative effect, but enough that you will get a little extra energy boost from it. 

Make sure you look for natural, raw kombucha that isn’t loaded with sugar, though. Not all brands are made the same way, and some are a less healthy choice than others. 

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2. Green Tea

You’ve probably heard that green tea is a healthy beverage. It’s got all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in it. It’s also got caffeine in it – although it’s a lot less than you would get in a commercial energy drink. 

If you choose to have green tea, you could always sweeten it with honey, giving you a sugar boost along with the health benefits of honey. 

3. Smoothies and Green Juices

Smoothies and green juices are another excellent choice for natural energy boosters and drinks, and if you make them yourself, you have your own choice of healthy ingredients to put into them. 

You can use nearly any fruit or vegetable to make a smoothie, and you can add things like ginger or turmeric. You can also add green tea or something healthy like live-culture yogurt or kefir to get some probiotics. 

Smoothies and juices have vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and if you add some green tea, they can also contain some caffeine. This gives them several different energy-boosting ingredients, and they can be a meal substitute if you’re in a rush. 

4. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a South American green tea. It’s relatively new in the world of energy drinks, but it’s popular for its energy and health properties. Many people find that they experience a smoother, more sustained energy with yerba mate, without the crash or jitters associated with commercial energy drinks or coffee.

South American tribes have made it for centuries, and it is known to give an energy boost, help with weight loss, and even help improve mild conditions like headaches. 

5. Coconut Water

Coconut water has long been touted as a super beverage. It is believed to provide superior hydration, and with the mix of natural chemicals and compounds, it’s often thought to be a natural alternative to isotonic sports drinks. 

While there is no definitive proof for some of these claims, coconut water is a good choice for hydration, and being hydrated does give you more energy. 

6. Acai Berry Juices

Juices with acai berry have long been known to be good for boosting energy. The berries have natural sugar and other vitamins and minerals that are good for you, and they taste great too! 

Be careful when you’re choosing your drinks, though. Many are very processed and have hardly any actual berry juice in them. Be sure to read the ingredients list and remember that the ingredients with the highest proportion are usually near the top of the list — You’ll want to see acai berry in the first few ingredients. 

How to Choose Natural Energy Boosters and Drinks

Knowing what is better for you is the first step in making healthier choices, but it’s still tricky to figure out which brands and products you should choose. Nearly every energy drink product on the market makes the same claims, so how do you tell which ones are better?

There are several things to look at as you determine which products are a better choice, such as:

  • How much sugar they have in them, and what kind of sweetener they use.Natural sugar, stevia, and honey are all better choices than some of the chemical sweeteners out there.
  • How much caffeine they have in them – some caffeine can help to give you an energy boost, but too much can be dangerous.
  • What the other ingredients in the beverage are – if you see a long list of chemicals you can’t pronounce, then it’s probably not the best choice for an everyday energy drink. 
  • What kind of packaging it’s supplied in – many manufacturers do use BPA free plastics these days, but there are still some that are using potentially dangerous plastic bottles for their beverages.
  • The nutritional information – knowledge is power, so you should ALWAYS read the nutritional information! 
  • Look for products that are as raw and minimally processed as possible – excessive heating and processing can negate any health benefits you might get from good ingredients in your beverages. 

As always, the fewer ingredients there are in your natural energy boosters and drinks, and the easier to read the ingredients list is, the more likely the product is to be good for you and a better, healthier choice. 

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Should You Make or Buy Your Energy Drinks?

Now that you know that many commercial energy drinks are not good for you, you might be wondering if you should buy them at all. After all, you can always choose water, coconut water, or homemade juices and smoothies. 

The good news is that you don’t have to totally avoid every energy drink. There are some great natural energy boosters and drinks out there, and if you follow these tips, you should be able to spot them. 

A healthy diet includes a variety of foods and drinks, and water should always be near the top of your drink choices. However, whether it’s a healthier store-bought energy drink beverage or the occasional morning coffee when you need an early morning boost, you can safely add other beverages to your diet as long as you’re mindful of what we’ve discussed here and how they make you feel after you drink them

When you can take the time to make your own beverages, whether that’s juices, smoothies, green tea-based beverages, or something else, you know exactly what health benefits you are gaining. There’s nothing better than a good, refreshing, energy-boosting drink.

But if you’re short on time or desire to hang out in your kitchen creating your own energy boosting concoctions (hello, busy schedule!), there are some great choices out there that are healthy, easy to store, and ready to drink. 

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