“Brew Dr.’s philosophy has always been simple: make kombucha using quality tea, herbs, and spices. To separate themselves from the competition, they refrain from adding flavoring, juices, or fruit purees after fermenting. The result is a clean, lightly tart, lightly sweet and nuanced kombucha that tastes more like a mixological digestif than a juice you buy in the grocery. For instance, their best-seller, “Clear Mind”, is a simple combo of green tea, rosemary, peppermint, sage, and dandelion root. Unlike most kombucha brands, many of their flavors lean toward subtle and floral. Townshend’s Rose Peony blend, mentioned above, comprises their “Happiness” kombucha and their “Superberry” is brewed from their loose tea of the same name, with the addition of an oolong base.” Read the full article here.

Thank you Jordan and World Of Tea!

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